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Poster: aronsson Date: Feb 11, 2011 3:59am
Forum: texts Subject: OCR failed for some thick volumes

OCR failed for /details/Dalin_Ordbok_ofver_svenska_spraket_1

After some hours, the job got a red colour in the job queue, and later it was removed. There still is no OCR texts. I resubmitted it for new derivation, but the result was the same.

This book has 912 pages and the PDF is 68 megabytes. Each page has plenty of text. Is that too large? What is the limit?

I have the same problem for PG_Berg_Svenskt_konversationslexikon_1, PG_Berg_Svenskt_konversationslexikon_2, and PG_Berg_Svenskt_konversationslexikon_3, but the not quite so thick PG_Berg_Svenskt_konversationslexikon_4 got OCR alright.